The Power of Showing

As any budding author knows, showing is more powerful than telling. In relating a story, when you tell the reader what has happened you give them information. When you show them something happening, you engage their imagination and create an experience. The same holds true for selling. It’s all about the presentation. To capture the customer’s interest, show them; don’t just tell them.

Even though they have an idea of what they want or need, customers need a reason to buy. They want to feel confident that the product or service they are purchasing is the best, or one of the best, solutions available to them. Show them. Don’t just provide them with a description of the item or a list of features. Demonstrate the features so they can experience them for themselves. Engage their senses and their imaginations. Use whatever sales or visual aids you can to make the experience as real and tangible for them as possible.

For each feature you demonstrate, present two benefits. Create a story as you go along. Help them envision how the product or service will make their lives better. Be as specific and detailed as you can. Give examples. Your knowledge and ability to apply it to their situation will increase their confidence.

When you have covered all the features and benefits, sum up by reaffirming with the customer the needs and wishes they expressed to you, and then review every product feature and its benefits, aligning their needs and wishes with those features and benefits. With a clear picture in their mind of what they are purchasing and why, they will have the surety they need to complete the sale.


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