I recently read an article in the WSJ by Joel Kotkin titled “400,000,000”. That is the number the population in the United States of America is supposed to reach 2050. What’s significant about this figure is that this growth in inhabitants stands in stark contrast to the anticipated populations of many other nations including Germany, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and other parts of the world. While we are growing, many countries are slowing and/or declining. There is another element to this as well; we are a young nation, not just in history, but in citizens. “By 2050, roughly one-third of the population in these countries will be over 65, compared to around one-fifth in the U.S.”

What does this mean to us? Economically it means that we will have more workers paying into our system than taking out of it. This will bode well for our position as a super-power, one we have held for many decades. Moreover, ours is a country that will continue to morph from one that was predominantly Caucasian to a very mixed, melting pot indeed. It is also anticipated that people will move out to the suburbs and the country in order to avoid over-crowding in the cities, “that the vast majority of Americans—upward of 80%–still prefer single-family homes over apartments, while no more than 10%-15% want to live near the central core.”

What’s the net-net of this? Times are changing and the playing field is evolving, keep your eyes open so that you don’t miss opportunities to position yourself in front of the people you want in your life, professionally and personally.


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