Aim High to Boost Your Business

All indicators are showing an upswing in the building industry during the second quarter, and forecasts anticipate moderate but continued growth for the rest of the year. Architects and designers across all sectors are reporting increased business, as well as a rise in new inquiries. If you’ve been thinking about bringing on additional staff, now is a great time, before the fall design season gets into full swing.

Should you be hiring, and whom should you be hiring? I have heard from a number of firms, especially smaller ones, who are considering adding staff but are concerned that the current upward trend in business won’t last. They still carry the scars of having to let staff go when the bubble burst, and they have watched over the last few years as business surged for one quarter only to go flat the next.

We all know there are no guarantees in this business. Still, we are seeing a lot of hiring activity at present. Firms are trying to ramp up quickly to keep up with demand, and the best projects are going to more diversified firms. My advice, if you want to stay competitive and take advantage of this opportunity to grow your firm, is “go for it.” And if you are going to hire, invest in the best talent you can afford. This is not the time to add junior staff. You want to bring on experienced designers with diverse skills and a proven track record of bringing in new business who can add depth and breadth to your firm and manage projects as well as design.

Competition for experienced talent is high, but we have filled a number of senior level positions in recent weeks. Through our extensive industry network, we have access to some of the best candidates, and can greatly reduce time to hire. Contact us, and let us show why our services make the difference.


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