Amazing Grace

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie Amazing Grace this weekend. I was stunned by the story and the message! There are two aspects of this which I find compelling. The first is the fact that one person could have the virtue and courage to stand up to accepted practices of society in a time (200 plus years ago) when human life was treated like garbage. William Wilberforce fought for decades to install the abolition of slavery in England, speaking out against the absolute depravity and grotesque treatment of captured people from Africa.

I walked out of the theater with my second thought: what will I do with my life to make a true difference? I ask this as a person of many inconsistencies, someone who wants to do more to help other people, and still manages to upset a handful at any given time. I primarily live in New York City, a place that is insulated from the greater sufferings of the world–it’s fantasy island! And yet, I do want to do more and hope that people watching this wonderful film will feel the same way.

Lastly, as a person who enjoys singing in church (Episcopalian hymnal, thank you!), I encourage everyone to sing Amazing Grace, it is a lovely hymn and does not tax the vocal ranges, making it an easy one for everyone to enjoy! It was written by a reformed slave trade boat captain, John Newton, who realized after 20 years and thousands of souls lost, that he was wrong and needed to ask forgiveness. "Once blind, but now can see"……..I feel that way sometimes….


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