Are You a Believer?

Ask any top salesperson the secret of their success and they are bound to mention that they believe a hundred percent in what they are selling. They have confidence in what they are providing and certainty that they are truly giving the customer something they want or need. Customers sense that conviction and feel reassured by it.

You can’t fake that kind of conviction. It comes from knowing the competition, from understanding your customers and what their needs are, and from experience delivering a quality and reliable product or service time and again. You know when you enter into a conversation with a customer you have the solution they are looking for.

To achieve that level of confidence, you have to do your homework. You must study the products you are offering and get to know them well. Talk with sales reps. Ask them questions about their products and how they compare to their competitors. Contact manufacturers and have them explain the kinds of materials that go into the product and how it is made. Gather together all the information you can about delivery schedules and methods, availability, pricing, discounts, returns and claims for damage. Look through home and design magazines to see how the product is advertised. Check periodically to see if the manufacturer is running a promotion and whether competitors have altered their pricing or offer discount programs. And don’t forget to check Internet pricing and availability as well.

When you are sure of your knowledge of the products you are recommending and of your abilities you don’t need to worry about justifying your fees or services. You can sell with confidence, certain that clients will find value in what you have to offer and satisfaction in the result.


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