Are You a DIY Designer?

In previous blogs, I’ve talked a lot about the current DIY culture and how you need to adapt your services to accommodate clients who want to be involved in their design projects. Today, I want to turn the table and address another DIY issue: the interior designer who wants to do it all themself. I’m talking about the designer who’s reluctant to bring on staff because they’re afraid of losing control or just because they believe they have the skills to do it all alone.

Having grown my own business from a one-man shop, I’m well aware of the pride that comes from building a brand and earning the trust of a loyal clientele. I have experienced both the pros and cons of adding staff, and have had to adjust how I envision my role in my own company. I have also reaped the rewards that come from letting go of the things I don’t do well and concentrating more of my efforts on the things I do do well.

It may sound contradictory, but trust me, if you’re a DIY designer, you’re missing out on the opportunity to maximize your potential by devoting more of your time to your best self. Whether your strength is designing, project management, sales, marketing your firm or managing your firm, delegating other tasks frees you up to do more of it.

The key to expanding is in finding the right person or persons whose skills and talents complement yours – individuals who will be committed your firm’s success. At DMC, we specialize in recruiting and hiring for the interior design industry. We are not a job matching service. We provide personal consultation, screening and interviewing services to help you find the best candidates to match your particular needs and your firm’s culture. Contact us and let us help you make this the year you break your DIY habit.


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