Are You Ready for a Challenge?

I recently read an interesting item about an invitation to participate in a life-changing excursion. The invitees were cautioned that the excursion would involve considerable discomfort and perhaps some danger, and that they would have to pay their own way. Sixty persons were invited, and every one of them accepted. It got me thinking that some of the most satisfying experiences are those that involve risk. We relish a challenge, even when the outcome is uncertain.

When you think about your design career, where you are now and where you’d like to be, what is the challenge that awaits you? Maybe it’s time to restructure your business: take on a partner, branch out into new services or a new line of business, go international, open a boutique or showroom, or start a product line. Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about changing careers, putting your design and business skills and experience to use in another field, or moving into design education.

Whatever the challenge, DMC can help you meet it. Having undertaken several challenges of my own, I know the risks and rewards that come from making a bold move, overcoming the obstacles, and achieving your goal. Over the years, I have helped many designers just like you transition their careers and their businesses. I will work with you to define objectives, develop a plan, and guide you through the process each step of the way. Don’t shy away from realizing your dream. Embrace the challenge and make it come true. Contact me for a confidential consultation, and let’s discuss how you can begin to undertake your next challenge today.


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