Are You Ready for More Business?

Whatever your political views, there’s little doubt that the incoming administration will be good for the design business. Stock markets have already hit record highs in anticipation of a more business- and investment-friendly environment. With extra money in their bank accounts and home prices on the rise, affluent homeowners will be more likely to invest in redesigns, remodels and upgrades, as well as new and second homes. Now is the time to prepare for what could be a busy spring season.

If you have not already done so, here are some steps you should be taking to get your business in order:

  • Review and refresh your marketing material, including your website, Houzz portfolio, Facebook page, and whatever other social media platforms you use. Keep in mind that many of these prospective clients are likely to be in their 30s or early 40s. Your outreach efforts need to reflect their tastes, preferences and wants.
  • Reconnect with former clients and others in your business network. Let them know you’re available and remind them of the range of services you can provide. Arrange a non-business, face-to-face meeting, if you can.
  • Spend some time getting up to speed on the latest trends, products and technologies for the home. You don’t have to employ them in your design, but you want clients to know you are aware of them.
  • Check in with vendors to get updated information on product availability and delivery schedules. With a shortage of skilled labor in many areas, it’s also a good idea to keep in touch with contractors and tradespeople as to their availability.

In addition, assess your capacity to take on more business if the opportunity arises. Do you have freelancers or colleagues who can share the load? How quickly could you bring on additional help if you needed to? A bit of planning now may give you a competitive advantage later.


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