Art Marketing & Cultural Philanthropy

Every thriving metropolis is ingrained with the motion of dancing feet, scenic historical architecture, a harmonic music scene and museums filled with art to quench the visual appetite.  Culture is all around us; we embrace it in our personal lives, so how do we as business leaders support the arts in our cities while promoting our products, services and messages?

ttending and sponsoring cultural events – theatre, ballets, fundraising galas – are great ways to have a presence in the arts world.  But beyond structured events, how can the arts and cultural world unite with regional businesses and vice versa?  True collaboration and strategic thinking can meld one with the other.  By engaging with arts organizations, you can incorporate out of the box thinking into your marketing plan.

Think about partnering with cultural alliances to fill a need that may be untapped.  For instance, the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is helping to revitalize the city through artwork that expresses community culture and history, fostering youth development and supporting artists by developing hundreds of murals in Philadelphia, including a partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles.  One side-effect of their original mission is the mural tour operation now available to tourists and residents.  Proof that there are many untapped art appreciators right in your own community!

Even if you are ready to partner with the arts, there are several driving factors to consider.  These factors include the ebb and flow of marketing dollars, the strength of the economy and a company's philanthropic mission.  Regardless of whether partnering with the arts is the right move for your business, consider the influence that art and culture has on its patrons. Isn't it the captivated audience that all marketers covet when strategizing brand promotion?  The arts have the power to captivate and transport patrons, engaging them in the experience and all partners involved in its organization.  It's your logo on the program, your President giving the champagne toast at the gala and your brand in front of thousands of prospects.

It's not just having a cultural presence in the community either; art appreciation starts at home, in schools and with progressive offices (e.g. Bank of America).  Businesses that incorporate the arts engage employees and promote creative thinking.  Interior designers are finding that when decorating office space with paintings, employees are asking to know more about the artist.  Art creates a unique ambiance in traditional office spaces.  Imagine for a moment how engaged a company's employees would be if surrounded by blank walls all day long.  Stimulating the creative juices with art as wall décor can foster engagement in conversation and bolster morale.  Plus, knowing that the company you work for is supporting area arts and culture goes a long way.

If you are ready to break through that fourth wall, brainstorm ways to become a partner with city, state, private art sectors and cultural programs.  Your business will be exposed to an audience with expendable income (theatre and orchestra tickets can be pricey) who may prefer to support a local business or industry with cultural ties.  Plus, the arts evoke a sense of emotion, which can draw the consumer closer to a brand, your brand.  It's beyond taking an ad out in a program or donating a gift basket for an auction – it's teaming up with the non-profit world in unique and distinct ways.  It's time to break the barriers between the art and business worlds!

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based museum?  Thinking about implementing an arts marketing program for your business?  The Luxury Marketing Council of Philadelphia can help.  Contact Diane Lemonides, Founder & Chairwoman at 610.361.0400 or moc.a1519375000lihpc1519375000ml@se1519375000dinom1519375000eld1519375000.



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