The Art of the Package Deal

When contemplating all of the possibilities available to you for structuring the pricing for your design services, I recommend you consider an option very often overlooked, or simply dismissed entirely – the package deal. If you’re among the designers that I speak to who question this approach, because you think it in some way devalues your services, or hurts the overall industry, I urge you to explore this pricing strategy a bit further with me.

Now while you can’t build an entire design practice on this particular pricing model, it is another tool in your arsenal for expanding your business by accommodating a particular niche of clientele that you might not otherwise have a plan for doing so. For example, you could run a “New Nest” package deal for the kid’s room of a young couple, or you could create a package deal for a half-day of retail shopping, consisting of a 2-hour consultation and 2-hours of shopping, after which you provide the client with all of the information necessary to make the purchases themselves. These are both examples of ways you can use package deals to appeal to specific types of customers, from new families to the DIY crowd, based on what they need and what they can afford.

If you’re still concerned that offering package deals might turn off more affluent potential clients, just realize that even some of the wealthiest Americans still shop at WalMart. The fact is, regardless of their station in life, people rarely turn their nose up at a good deal. In the short video clip below, from my recently produced “Designer Seminar Series,” I explain why I believe these are among the two best ways to close a deal.


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