Ask the Right Questions, Get the Best Hires

Have you ever thought to yourself, when faced with a problem employee, “Why didn’t I think to ask about that during the job interview?” The fact is, asking the right questions during an interview can help you screen out unsuitable candidates. Knowing what to ask, when to ask, and how to ask are the keys to successful interviewing.

Many employers have a stock set of questions that they ask of all candidates. Usually, they are questions about work experience, previous employment, work habits, teamwork, reasons for their interest in the position, and what they want to achieve for themselves and the firm. These are all important questions, but they do not help to uncover personality or behavioral issues that can make the difference between a great hire or a potential problem.

Some candidates are obvious mismatches and can be eliminated quickly. When you come across a candidate that appears to be a good fit, take time to get to know them. After you’ve asked your stock set of questions and the candidate has relaxed a bit, invite them to talk about situations that relate to critical skills like decision-making, interacting with clients and vendors, time and workload management, and following and giving direction. Stories will reveal more about a candidate than will canned answers to stock questions.

Interviewing is an art, and one that not many employers or managers have mastered. We at Design Management Company specialize in asking the right questions. After a thorough screening, we take the best candidates and guide them through an extensive interviewing process, and then capture the most salient responses on video for you to review. Contact us to learn more. We provide a full range of recruiting services to ensure that the candidate you hire will be a good fit and a great employee.


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