Invite clarity into your home and life

Become crystal clear about your hearts greatest desires and intentions. Lack of clarity keeps the universe confused and keep your dreams at bay. As you become crystal clear about your intentions, dreams and goals you will notice the universe respond…if you are willing to GROW in the process. Why? The universe is literally expanding (from the BIG BANG to now). You need to expand your capacities to create and receive your dreams but first, you must become clear.
Commit to commit 100%. When you are in the energy of reluctance, indecision, or clogged receiving in any area of your life, this is exactly what the universe will deliver to you. Be sure to hold your intention or desire in 100% commitment to receiving it. If there is any wavering whatsoever in your commitment, reflect on what it is you desire and why…you may find that you are actually not fully ready to have it manifest in your life.
Clear out the old to make room for the new. Go through your house, pay attention to your thoughts, look in every area of your life: what is taking up room – both physically and energetically? What are you finally ready to let go of? Be creative, really look, what is weighing you down even in the slightest? RELEASE ALL OF IT. NOW. You'll be glad you did. If you want to create anything new this year, then get ready & start de-cluttering!


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