Block That Kick

No, I’m not talking football. I’m referring to that kick in the head you get when you’ve spent hours searching for just the right products for your client only to have them flat out refuse to purchase any of them. I know that’s gotta hurt. Don’t set yourself up for a big let down. Do an end run around your client and scope out what they really want.

Consumers are flipping through glossy home magazines and surfing remodeling websites looking for design ideas. They fall prey to all that eye candy and talk about the latest trends. By the time they’ve decided to hire an interior designer, their modest project has ballooned out of proportion to their needs and their budget. It’s only when you present them with the goods and the budget that they come back down to earth – and land on you!

Do yourself and your client a favor and give them a reality check. Help them sort out the “I Need” from the “I Want” and the “I Wish.” Show them that with careful planning they can have what they need and a bit of what they want and what they wish. Steer them away from what they think they should have to what they really like and are comfortable with.

Want to know how? Don’t miss my seminar, “Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For.” I’ll be presenting it twice next month, at the Decorating Den Interiors in San Antonio, Texas, on Wednesday, May 18, and again at the ART National Conference in New Orleans on Friday, May 20 (click here for more information). I hope to see you there.



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