blogging for SEO priority

I recently attended the Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC) for the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.). I will be the Communications Director on the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter for two years starting in October, and went to learn what’s new in the area of communications for non-profits. Interestingly enough, it’s not terribly different than marketing/communications for for-profit businesses. There are different constituencies which need to have messages tailored to them and applied over different mediums including advertising, public relations, direct response marketing, the internet, and during events. Knowing your audience and determining how to appeal to them at a specific time with a specific medium is key to success of a campaign.

Perhaps, one of the more interesting insights that was shared was about blogging. It was suggested that one must contribute at least 200 words, three times a week, in order for search engines to consider the blog (and your website, if attached), active enough to increase your prominence in search listings. In checking with a colleague, it was countered that this would be overly aggressive, but once every week to two weeks should do the trick.

So, get your blogs going and make sure they are linked to your websites!


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