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Purple in Interior Design: The Good, the Bad, the Opportunity

Colorful foyer in purple showcases abstract prints

Colorful foyer in purple showcases abstract prints

Purple is a mix of red and blue with the power to prompt a wide range of strong emotions.  Depending on its purity or shade, it can herald royalty like monarch’s robe, sweetness like a spring flower, or play time, like a popular childhood dinosaur.  A favorite among teenagers, purple fits with young energy wrangling with the process of growing up.

For adults, purple is enjoying rising popularity in interior design.  Color trend-watching  HGTV says:  “Violet came in through the back door, catching fire in the goth trend in high schools. . . . From there it made its way to the runway and now it’s lightening as it crosses into the home; popular variations include violet, wine and true purple.”

How to Succeed with Color This Bold

Purple is not a first choice among ‘safe’ colors for decorating. Neutrals, browns, and grays are more frequent color choices for being comfortable and easy to live with.

That doesn’t make purple a bad choice.  It takes courage and confidence to choose this color in any version.  Purple is versatile.  The wrong shade can be overpowering.  The right shade can make you fall passionately in love with your lavender space.   A skilled designer will be able to create the blend of sophistication, playfulness and personality you are looking for.

If you love purple, your challenge is to find a design professional who can appreciate its power way you do, and capture it.

Pros and Cons

Purple offers several advantages in interior design.    It can:

  • work with gold, cream, and white
  • blend well with brown, blue or gray pieces
  • infuse warmth in cold climates
  • suggest cool shade in hot climates
  • spark a spirit of fun, as in a Mardi Gras party
  • suit masculine tastes, especially with darker tones
  • add richness, luxury and the urge to lounge in a space

Among the disadvantages of using purple are:

  • unintended associations with grape candy, bruises, or toddlers
  • the power to overwhelm a color scheme or throw it off balance
  • miscues that take a space from grand to gaudy
  • a risk of seeming trendy
  • a risk of making a room undesirably dark

How to Find a Designer to Help You Succeed with Purple

Many design professionals thrill at the chance to use purple in an interior design project.  You can find examples of successful work with this color by searching for “purple” on our portfolio page.

If you love this color, the direct approach may be the best way to find a designer to help you. During your interview, ask: “How to you like purple?”   If you sense a flicker of excitement, this is a good sign.  If you feel a guarded or negative reaction, that may be a sign to ask more.  Find out more about what this professional’s experience has taught.

Love Purple? Bring It On

Whether light, dark, funky, fruity or fully mature, purple empowers you to set a definite mood in your space.  If you love purple, we’re here to match you with a designer to capture the aspect you love best, so you can enjoy your space for years to come.  Schedule your appointment to find a designer, and start living with your favorite color, no matter how bold a choice it may be.