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The Secret Behind Great DIY Interior Design

South Beach style meets Hampton chic in a beautiful outdoor living area in Sag Harbor, New York.The term “Do it yourself” has become so common that the acronym is nearly as recognizable as LOL or OMG. It’s DIY. And although people have been applying the DIY philosophy to more and more aspects of their everyday lives, no place has it been more apparent than the industry where it all seems to have started – home improvement.

Home-centric cable channels, the Internet and a slow economy have coalesced in a perfect storm to undermine the design professionals perceived value. Although, ironically, even the biggest do-it-yourselfer relies on professional advice and instruction at some point to accomplish a task, whether it’s reading a book or article.

So why stop there?

Great Do-It-Yourself Design Comes from Great Professional Input

Hiring a design professional doesn’t have to relegate you to sitting on the sideline, if that’s not where you want to be. Working with a designer can be a collaborative experience, one where you are part of the process. The problem is that not all designers work well like that, nor do all clients. The resulting horror stories have driven each party into their respective corners, designers in one and the DIY crowd in the other, taking a lot of innocent people in the middle with them.

As a broker for interior designers, architects and landscape designers, I created iMatchDesigners to serve as a conduit between the client and the talent, because there is so much more to the design process than mechanics of light, color, texture and pattern, and scale and balance, especially from the client’s perspective.

There are the human qualities of personality and temperament that can play just as large a role in the success or failure of a project.

Can you think of a more personal act than inviting someone into your home and entrusting him or her with the responsibility for enhancing your living space? I sometimes joke that it feels like I’m running something akin to a dating service, when I see how close some of my clients and their designers become.

But isn’t that the way it should be?

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5 Biggest Decorating Fears and How to Face Them

Cozy and Bold Interior design for NYC Bedroom

Cozy and Bold: New York City bedroom interior design blends copper, pale blue and eggplant in the fabrics and wall covering.

Are you paralyzed with fear at the thought of tackling a decorating project in your home? (You can say more on our Facebook page). If so, you aren’t alone.  Here are 5 biggest fears people face about interior design and how you can overcome them:

#1 — Fear of Not Knowing Where to Start

Start by figuring out what you love. Having a good feeling for what truly makes you happy is a great place to begin.  Your home should be unique to you and who you are.  Incorporate your favorite items into your design, such as shells collected from your favorite vacation.

Take a look at a piece of artwork you enjoy a lot, or some of your favorite clothes.  This can be the source of some color choices for your new design.   You can find design inspiration browsing home and garden magazines, or the Internet. If you become overwhelmed by all the information out there, you can find pre-selected images, chosen to inspire you, among the photos at

Use photos, art, and your favorite things to wear to find ideas you love.  Take your time.  Find rooms and other objects you really respond to and that make you feel happy when you see them.

#2 — Fear of Not Knowing Anything about Design

Don’t worry; the first step isn’t about design. Your first step is to define your project. Are you decorating one room?  Is it furniture and paint, or is some remodeling needed?  Decide how much work you are willing to have done – wiring, but not moving walls for example.  It’s okay to put limits on your design project.  You don’t have to feel like you need to turn your whole house inside out or empty your bank account.  Decide where you want to stop.

#3 — Fear of Wasting Money

Prepare a list of what you need for your project, such as paint, furniture, and accessories.  In order to avoid sticker shock, check out the range of prices you can expect to pay for the most significant items you’re planning to buy, such as a sofa or kitchen appliances.  Knowing what’s typical for certain costs will help you prepare a realistic budget and stick with it.

When shopping for ideas, leave your credit cards at home. If you’re concerned about making an impulse purchase while window shopping, use an approach that gives you some time to think.  If you can’t buy on the spot, you eliminate impulse shopping as one risk factor for wasting money.

#4 — Fear of a Bad Outcome and Disapproval from Others

The first key to obtaining your desired outcome is the knowledge of knowing what moves you.  Create your own oasis.  Approval from others is secondary to your own happiness.

The second key is getting the right professional to work with you. You need to be able to talk freely with your designer.  Yes, a designer may offer to take you a little out of experience you’re used to.   And you need to be able to offer constructive feedback if the changes are too dramatic – or not dramatic enough.

If the designer you’re working with is a true professional, that person will not impose a design on you that goes against your true wishes.  You do need to be sure you’re working with a professional before you hire that person.

#5 – Fear of working with a Designer

What if you take the risk and reach out for help from a professional interior designer?  Will you be faced with a contract that you don’t understand? Will you have to pay hidden expenses?  What if you hate the proposed design? Will you be locked into a relationship with someone who turns out to be hard to work with?

These are very real fears.  We believe every person should have the best chance to succeed with a professional designer and minimum risk of problems and conflicts. But no one is born knowing what to look for or ask for in working with a professional interior designer.   We can’t promise you a flawless experience. But we can promise you our professional assistance when you choose a designer from our talent pool at iMatchDesigners.  You can call on our assistance at any stage of the process of working with a professional to help you create a space you love living in.

You do have the right to find a professional designer whose vision is exciting and appealing to you, and who you choose because they really understand and ‘get it’ – before you hire them.

To find someone who’s easy to work with, call us at iMatchDesigners. We offer for a free consultation and no-cost references to a designer who can help you create rooms that delight you, and a process that addresses your biggest concerns.

You can freely browse hundreds of inspirational designs based on room or style – and tell us what you like, at

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