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Sustainable Redesign and Remodeling

Modern bedroom

This modern bedroom features reclaimed wood and open views to the natural landscape.

Sustainability and green living have become hot topics in recent years.

Designers and consumers have more options to choose products made with sustainable resources, and to remove existing materials for re-use.

In spite of having more sustainable options, the concerns about the environment aren’t painful enough to fuel a strong mandate from the consumer.

Earth-Wise Ways to Remodel

However, even if most people don’t feel a pressing need to go green with the next project, there are some earth friendly alternatives that are easy to do but are often overlooked.

If furniture is high quality, consider refinishing an existing piece instead of replacing it.  Recovering furniture in new fabrics achieves an entirely new look.   Instead of demolishing durable components such as ceramic items or cabinetry, these can be removed and refurbished and often resold.

Once we’re out of a resource, it’s gone.  Saving money and saving the planet is a win-win scenario!

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Reclaimed Materials for Home and Business: A Guide to Green Design

Reclaimed wood plays a major role in the warmth of this modern Hollywood Hills master suite

Reclaimed wood plays a major role in the warmth of this modern Hollywood Hills master suite

Do you love the idea of going green? If so, there are numerous ways to rethink, reuse, and incorporate reclaimed materials into your home or business interior. Reclaimed materials are increasingly available for homes and businesses. In the market today, you don’t need to compromise on style for sustainability. Vintage and antique elements are currently rising trends in design and architecture. Here are a few suggestions for using reclaimed materials:

    1. Flooring

Refinish your hardwood floors instead of tearing out and installing new flooring. You gain unique character and fine wood quality by using a reclaimed wood floor made from de-constructed buildings or reclaimed logs. Generally, this type of wood has distinctive appearance and high quality from old growth wood, bringing unique charm to your home. If a reclaimed wood floor isn’t for you, check out cork or bamboo flooring. Cork and bamboo are sustainable, as they grow naturally and quickly. Other beautiful flooring options are made from recycled glass, concrete and soapstone.

    1. Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, as well as bathroom cabinets are excellent places to use reclaimed wood or bamboo. By reusing a beautiful, antique furniture piece as a stunning kitchen island or a bathroom vanity, you can achieve a gorgeous focal point in your room . Another remarkable and unique look for the kitchen is to reuse metal cabinets together with reclaimed materials. One simple approach is to replace knobs and handles on your cabinets with carefully chosen vintage hardware.

    1. Countertops

Concrete is one of the most popular and durable materials used for countertops today. Concrete can be stained, is easily customizable and texture can be added to the surface. Bamboo and paper-stone are other options for countertops. Paper-stone is a sustainable composite of recycled papers mixed with non-petroleum based phenolic resins and creates a finish almost like corian or granite.

    1. Furniture

Furniture pieces constructed of reclaimed materials can be extra durable. Some pieces are often large and bulky and made from tree trunks and large machinery parts. Other furniture pieces are crafted using a strong and sturdy frame, covered with natural materials, like cotton for long lasting durability. A professional designer will help you rethink how you might use existing furniture in your green design.

Get Your Guide to the Wide World of Green Design

Using a variety of reclaimed materials enables you to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. If you want sustainable, earth-friendly and breathtaking beauty, an experienced designer is your guide through the vast options available to you. If you are looking to redecorate your space, our green interior designers, architects and landscape professionals offer knowledge and expertise to bring you stunning results. Get connected to your green team — just ask us for a referral.