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The Future of interior design—The Paradox- the same vs. different.

As our financial  climates change, form/beauty and function is only going to get more important to our society as a whole. Essentially, Interior Design Professionals will be the ones to listen  and translate into beauty and function what the client cannot.


What remains the same is  why people employ an interior designer. The client wants a beautiful, well crafted environment with the responsibility delegated to a design professional.


Why beauty? Because as sentient beings we want to live someplace beautiful because it is tied into our core emotions and values and when we see beauty,  we feel good. As a resource, the designer can procure and install a beautiful design or furnishings. Most importantly and often underrated is the designers ability to listen to the clients needs and desires and to carry out the plan, all based on trust! Plus, there will always be people with money who want an expert to make choices that reflect their life style and expression of self—this is a service industry!


What will be different is in the future is that function will be more important than form. The value in the design and finished product will most likely have more challenging standards such as being more cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and with a higher level of functional design. More criteria will be involved; how do we make our employee most productive in a visually stimulating environment; What type of spaces evoke the main purpose/goal,  Sales, Living etc..


As far as residential interior design it will likely boon because home is where the heart is! In this cycle we are currently in, the tendency to stay at home and entertain is our way of coming home in a literal, metaphysical and emotional way.


On a deep level home is safe, a known factor and our ultimate refuge, a place that reflects our values and sense of well being. Because of this interior designers will continue to design and create BEAUTIFUL  spaces and places for people to live and work in.


By Bibiana Princeton  *protected email*