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Living in China

By Cameron Cook

If you think China is dirty, smelly, and polluted then you are right! However, for me, moving to China for 15 months to receive a crash course in product development has been the best thing for my career thus far. Having grown up in the furniture industry and worked for a public relations firm specializing in furniture manufacturers, I decided that an adventure in China that would reveal the raw stages of our industry’s product to me.

The saying, “seeing is believing”, is very fitting for first impressions when it comes to China. Interestingly enough, one thing not seen in Southeastern China is sunny, blue skies. Because many factories do not have emissions control, the sky is grey and your face is always in need of washing.

Upon arrival in China, I was thrown into a slew of back-to-back factory visits and the task of developing over 400 new products for our clients. For over a year, I managed the process of ideas being sketched, molded and edited repeatedly, mostly due to communication barriers, and finally sold to the consumer; we called this the ‘birth to graduation lifespan’.


I learned that the best way to understand a process is by direct experience and the best way to explore a new market is by visiting it. I encourage trade professionals to reach out to explore their ideas of new product lines and projects in the global marketplace. Please call me at 646.651.1158 or moc.c1519616557yncmd1519616557@nore1519616557mac1519616557 to discuss this further.