Choice Is Your Friend

Today’s clients have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Indeed, consumers have never been savvier, more demanding, value conscious, and connected. Just about anything they want to know about a product or service they can find on the Internet or through their extensive online networks of friends, peers and experts. For designers, this has meant the digital age has drawn the curtain back on to-the-trade exclusivity and replaced it with consumer-friendly transparency.

A side effect of all this abundance is that consumers have become inundated with information. They are spending hours skimming and sorting the daily flood of news updates, posts, alerts and tweets coming through their various devices. As the analysts at Global Trends recently noted, “The world is so digitally connected and full of information that choices can sometimes be overwhelming and opaque.”

That’s good news for interior designers, because designers excel at helping their clients make choices. Even consumers who lack the means or will to pay for full design services are turning to designers to help them navigate their way through the vast array of products and materials available in today’s global market. These requests don’t put much money in a designer’s pocket, but they suggest another route through which designers can market their services, by facilitating the clients’ decision-making process. Serve as filter for decision-making, give them fewer choices. Demonstrate why you, and not some unknown reviewer on a social networking site, can be relied upon to help them make the best choice. You are no longer the guardian of to-the-trade, but you can be the trusted guide clients are looking for to simplify their choices and confirm their decisions.


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