Demand Grows for Senior Interior Designers

Senior interior designers are in hot demand at the moment. A&D firms that scaled back their staffs following the Recession are once again hiring as business picks up. They are especially interested in senior designers, who can hit the ground running. In addition to extensive design experience and demonstrated success, ideal candidates have developed a wide range of business skills, including marketing and business development, team management, project management, and client relationship management. A&D firms are not the only companies looking to hire senior designers. They are sought after in government, healthcare, retail, and industry. Take a look online, and you’ll see listings for some 700 or so current openings.

About half of all practicing designers have the requisite experience for a senior position, according to data gathered by the American Society of Interior Designers. Far fewer, however, meet the education and certification requirements desired by the best firms. And if the firm specializes in a particular niche, like healthcare, education or government, designers with extensive experience are harder to find.

If you’re thinking of adding a senior designer to your A&D or interior design firm, you’ll want to consider other important criteria, as well. How will the new designer complement or extend your existing practice? Compensation for seniors (including salary, bonus and commissions) tends to run from the mid-80s to over $120,000. Will the additional business provide an adequate return? Is the candidate a good fit for the firm, or will he or she clash with the firm’s culture, brand and current leadership? What specific roles and duties will this designer undertake, and how will duties be reassigned among other staff members? You don’t want your new rainmaker to stir up a storm in your firm.

Because senior designers are among the best paid in the profession, competition for good positions can be fierce. Why wade through a sea of unqualified applications? Design Management Company will help you find the very best candidates, personally and discreetly. Contact us, and let us put our network of industry resources to work for you.


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