Design Timelessly, Source Locally

One of the hottest food trends of the past few years is farm to table. Some chefs work only with regional ingredients, while others offer a complete locavore experience, with meals prepared and served “down on the farm” using whatever is in season. Farm to table promises diners fresh, healthy and flavorful ingredients sourced locally from known and trusted providers.

For busy urban warriors, farm to table provides a respite from cookie-cutter fast food restaurants and coffee shops. It gives them an opportunity to connect to a simpler, more wholesome, more authentic way of life — a message reflected in the interiors of these restaurants, with their use of reclaimed barn wood and open kitchens.

Clients, especially younger clients, are looking for that kind of authenticity and connection in their homes as well. From homemade comestibles to handcrafted furniture and furnishings, supporting local artisans strengthens a sense of community and rewards talent, dedication and creativity, thus reaffirming core values. Locally sourced items have a history and a story behind them that adds an extra dimension to their look and function.

As a designer, you are providing a custom service. Using locally sourced goods and materials allows you to put a unique stamp on your designs. And exploring the work of local artisans and craftsmen can be a wonderful source of inspiration and way of expanding your own design thinking. Plus, sourcing locally reduces a design project’s carbon footprint and transportation costs. Those are all benefits that your clients will appreciate, too.


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