Find an Interior Designer for Total Transformation, and Save Your Sanity

Ready to have an interior designer, architect or landscape professional to overhaul your space?  If you’ve worked with a designer before — or if you haven’t– you may wonder if you’ll find fluid collaboration, or a blind leap into the unknown.

On one hand, you’re joining forces with someone to help you make a major change.  Some parts are certain: known remodeling tasks, a budget, scheduling, and style decisions.  On the other hand, you may never have tried to say what you want from your environment in words before. Now you’re sitting down with someone new, to bring about the hopes and dreams you have for your family or your business.

There’s a practical side to making major transformation in your life;  then there’s the emotional side

How do you keep your sanity during the whole process?

When we make a referral through iMatchDesigners, we draw from a community of seasoned design professionals. These are individuals who know about the range of decisions, emotions, and ideas many clients bring to the prospect of major transformation.

We completely understand that you have your own individual approach to a design project

You may find the process easy, challenging, or unnerving.  You can turn to your design professional for practical guidance about how to proceed with your plans even while you’re embracing a host of “unknowns.”

Great results start with finding the right people

First things first. We know the best team or person to help you will often compliment you, instead of clone you.  We look at your interests, your personality, your questions, concerns, and ultimate goals.  Then we target and recommend design candidates who will make the most of the opportunities you present.  We can help you define your targets and expectations, through your selection process.  This gives you the best opportunity to find the best set of talents to take you from concept to resounding success.

The most important decision you’ll make when you invest in a design project isn’t about the color or the furniture.

It’s about choosing the right creative talent as your business partner.

We don’t think it’s a good idea to trust your investment of time, money and emotion to chance, luck, or what worked for ‘someone else’.

We take a personal approach to defining design goals and choosing the best talent to deliver outstanding results. Contact us to find out more about intelligent design talent selection with iMatchDesigners.


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