Diversify and Conquer

So far, all the signs point to continued recovery in the building and design industries this year. Experts are projecting growth in nearly all sectors, and at the moment consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2007. The luxury market is rebounding as the rich keep getting richer, and the wealthiest Americans have started spending again. Many designers have experienced a notable increase in business and inquiries in the past few months.

But as recent events remind us, the road to recovery remains an uneven, uncertain one. Certain sectors and certain areas of the country are experiencing stronger growth than others. Just when it seems we are finally gaining momentum, something happens to slow us down again. One way to help buffer your firm from the ups and downs of the marketplace is to demonstrate expertise in a variety of areas. If you currently have all your interior design eggs in the proverbial one basket, then this may be the year to consider diversifying your firm. That could involve broadening your menu of services or entering a new market.

Perhaps you had to downsize during the lean years, or you are comfortable staying inside your niche. Consider hiring another designer whose skills and experience complement yours. Take a look around your area to see where the opportunities may be. Demand is expected to increase in multifamily construction, office and retail spaces, hospitality, and K-12 education. How could additional personnel help you to compete for this new business?

Bringing a new person on board requires a lot of consideration. You want to be sure you get the right person, one who not only has the skills and experience you are looking for, but who will make a good fit with your firm’s culture and support your business objectives. That’s where we can help. We vet candidates based on aptitude, attitude and potential, making sure you hire the person who meets all, not just some, of your requirements. Read more about our recruiting services here and then contact us so together we can find that individual who will help give your business a boost this year.


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