Does being a mother count as a career?

Many design professionals have worked in other industries, have taken time to raise families, and pursued the design industry in different ways, from part-time to full-time. I applaud a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that that suggests ways to turn stay-at-home skills into career-track assets. The items they mention for mother’s who want to return back to work include:

·        Stay abreast of changes in your field

·        Ask good questions

·        Show confidence and enthusiasm

·        Showcase relevant skills

·        Don’t apologize for time off

I would like to enhance this list and suggest that you translate the skills of motherhood into the vernacular of the design field and show how being organized and on-time relates to project management abilities, and that negotiating with children can often be similar to relations with vendors!

Be proud of what you have done with your families and demonstrate how this has helped make you a better designer!


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