Evaluation and Marketing Plan

Roadblocks to being more satisfied and successful are often the biggest challenge in a professional design business! Unfortunately, the reasons are not always obvious and often, neither are the blocks! Each person has a unique set of issues that need to be uncovered and addressed, the right questions asked. This is what you and I  answer together through an evaluation of your business, and a marketing plan to guide your next actions.

Find the Most Productive Use of Your Time

Your evaluation and marketing plan lays out your options to develop one that makes the best use of your time, energy and investment. Get a written plan for you to follow, outlining the resources (people, time and money) you will need to achieve your goals.

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Among the business aspects we cover are:

  • The steps you have taken to get where you are today
  • Organizational structure, personal contributions, and stakeholder limitations
  • Existing client issues, customer relations
  • Pricing methodologies, marketing strategy, succession planning

We meet in person to review your current business and establish a plan of action for you.

Some of the materials we review together include:

  • Current marketing materials
  • Client agreements
  • Portfolio
  • Financial statements, P&L, Balance Sheet
  • Anything else you would like me to be aware of

Zero in on the most effective ways for you to structure your marketing, pricing and staffing

Generally, your review and marketing plan take a few weeks to complete, but the majority of the feedback and ideas are shared with you during the first meeting. Follow-up coaching by phone and e-mail will be provided, as needed, to review the points that we cover in your style=”font-size: plan. There is no additional charge for this time. Moving forward, it is my intention that you will be able to navigate most of the areas we

shiree-hanson-segerstrom“After working with Lloyd and receiving the decisive marketing plan he created especially for me, my interior design business has definite direction. I find I’m much better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of a volatile economy with this valuable road map.” Shiree Hanson Segerstrom

Schedule Your Evaluation and Marketing Plan

Get Started: Request an appointment here for your consultation, with immediate feedback on your marketing efforts, and how to leverage your work for better results.

Additional Options

Marketing Plan Only:  Evaluation, written marketing plan (includes a review of Marketing Materials, without a Business Review): $3500

Evaluation and Phone Consultation:  Business development, management and marketing consultation (without written plan).  Focus is on opportunities to increase your revenue.  May be applied to your future Marketing Plan: $1000.

To ask Questions or Schedule:

Email or contact me:  moc.c1516367308yncmd1516367308@dyol1516367308l1516367308, or 212.777.5718 X6