Expert Witness Services

Expert Testimony for Design or Architecture Disputes

Sometimes, even when you’ve done your very best for a client, they’re not satisfied. And in spite of the most comprehensive letter of agreement or contract, they feel compelled to initiate a claim against you. Or you’ve had to seek a legal remedy to collect money that is owed from a client.

Whatever the circumstance, whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant, and no matter how uncomfortable it may be, know that we have the experience to advise on these matters with the utmost discretion.

Lloyd Princeton is called on by attorneys and insurance companies for expert testimony on matters where in-depth industry knowledge is required. With the right advice, it’s possible to avoid lawsuits altogether or settle disputes before they escalate. Lloyd can work with your legal counsel and/or recommend you to appropriate counsel if necessary.

If you are in need of an expert for matters involving interior design and architecture disputes, Lloyd can provide expert testimony and advise on matters including:

  • Pricing
  • Industry Standards
  • Time Billing practices
  • Standard of care
  • Publicity
  • Product sales, manufacture, and distribution
  • Contracting
  • Fair market value

Lloyd Princeton has recently served as an expert witness for:

  • Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith
  • Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell

For an expert opinion, or for expert witness testimony regarding design business concerns, call Lloyd Princeton at 1 310.697.7700, or online: Contact Us About Expert Witness Services.

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