Extend Your Reach, But Don’t Fall Over

There’s a lot to be said for initiative. It’s an admirable trait. It can open doors and make you stand out from the crowd. Employers like to see initiative in candidates. They regard it as a sign that the candidate will work hard to help make their firm a success. All well and good. There’s also something to be said for reality. Wishing you were a highly experienced healthcare designer won’t make you one. It takes experience.

Why am I belaboring the obvious? Because candidates seem to lose sight of the obvious when they aspire to advance their careers. The design business is booming right now. There has not been a better time in the past four or five years to be looking for an interior design job. That is creating demand on both sides of the interview table. The problem is that there is a mismatch at present between firms that are seeking experienced, proven designers and less experienced designers wanting to move up to the next step in their career.

We are seeing a lot of this in my firm. We receive many applications from designers seeking positions for which they just are not qualified. They get points for moxie in my book, but that doesn’t make them any more suitable candidates for the firms that are hiring. Firms have specific business needs. That’s why they list them in their job postings. If you can’t fill those needs, they can’t use you – at least not at the moment, anyway.

By all means, seek a position that will challenge you and give you an opportunity to grow as a designer. But don’t imagine you can leap from junior to senior designer in a single bound. If you are serious about making your next best career move, contact us. We know what firms are looking for and can help you find the one that’s the right fit for you.


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