Fretting or Fighting? Get Expert Help to Quell Disputes

Running an interior design business or architecture firm is challenging enough without having to worry about dealing with potential lawsuits. Still, at some time or other, it happens to most of us. We come across a client who just isn’t satisfied, no matter what we try to do to please or accommodate them. Or, sometimes the shoe is on the other foot. We may need to take legal action against a client who refuses to pay or a vendor who will not honor a return or warranty. These actions can be costly, aggravating and take valuable time away from most productive areas of your business. Usually it is in the interest of both parties to resolve them quickly.

Having a clear, comprehensive contract, letter of agreement or work order is your best defense against most disputes. Yet, as the saying goes, contracts were made to be broken – or ignored. And there are many gray areas in architecture and design due to a lack of industry standards or regulations, which can lead to misunderstandings or unexpected “loopholes.” To avoid getting trapped in a “he said, she said” dispute, you need the help of an experienced, informed third party who can speak to what, in legal terms, is “usual and customary” practice.

Whatever your situation, whether you’re the defendant or the plaintiff, Design Management Company has the experience and expertise to advise on these matters. With our in-depth industry knowledge, we can provide expert testimony, negotiate or advise on a range of architecture and interior design business areas, including pricing, industry standards, time billing practices, standard of care, publicity, product sales, manufacture, and distribution, contracting, and fair market value. For an opinion on a dispute, or to engage our consultative or expert witness services, either you or your attorney can contact us at (212)777-5718 or online.


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