Give Your Career the Spa Treatment

Listening to designers these days puts me in mind of the old Camels slogan, “Are you working more but enjoying it less?” Business conditions are improving, but designers just can’t seem to drum up much enthusiasm for their projects. They’re tired of overly demanding clients, tired of being nickeled and dimed, tired of having their recommendations questioned, tired of more work for less pay. You can’t change the market, but you can change how you’re working to re-balance your life and get more out of your business.

Are you feeling like the passion for design that once burned brightly inside has now dwindled to just an ember? Have you lost your sense of purpose? Does work exhaust you rather than reward you? Then I invite you to join me for my new presentation, “Reigniting the Fire within You: Purpose and Passion in Design.” In just one hour, I will provide you with a few strategies to get your life and your work back on track. You’ll learn how you can spend less time on your business while increasing your earnings and profit. Most importantly, you will rediscover your passion for design, get more fun and enjoyment from your work, and renew your sense of fulfillment. Think of it as a day at the spa for your career.

The first presentation will be at High Point Market this spring:
April 19, 2015
Noon-1pm, High Point Market Authority, High Point Theater
“Reigniting the Fire within You: Purpose and Passion in Design”

For more information and to register, go the High Point Market website.


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