Good Contracts Make Good Clients

“Good fences make good neighbors.”

Have you ever heard that old expression? While it may have a rather antisocial ring to it, the point is that all relationships benefit from boundaries. In fact, “good fences” aren’t high stone walls that block all communication, but rather ones that are low enough to allow neighbors to interact, while maintaining some restrictions.

That same principle holds true for interior designers in establishing healthy working relationships with their clients. In these cases, good fences are good contracts or letters of agreement, ones that set forth appropriate expectations and boundaries with clients to minimize the potential for conflict and misunderstanding. I’ve spent my whole career on both sides of the proverbial fence – on the designer’s side and the client’s side! I’ve incorporated the lessons I’ve learned from both perspectives into a Letter of Agreement that I wrote and sell on my website.

Better yet, I’ve recently updated my Designer Lecture Series with more valuable information on this and may other aspects of running a successful design practice, broken down into a set of digital downloads. Here is a short segment from my signature presentation “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It!” in which I address the importance of securing a proper letter of agreement.

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