Grow or Go: What’s Your Long-range Plan?

Having an annual business plan with a detailed budget and revenue targets is essential to your firm’s success. You can’t fulfill your goals until you can say specifically what they are. It’s also important from time to time to look farther down the road. What are your goals for the next three years? The next five years? You can’t get as detailed as you can with an annual plan, but you can define for yourself what success looks like in the future and plot a course for how you will get there.

Market conditions reflect what I have perceived for some time now, the industry is in flux, and many firms are considering mergers in order to keep up with changing conditions.

Will yours be one of the firms that merge, or are you expecting to sell your firm within the next five years? Depending on your long-range goal, you will need to start now to prepare your firm for one or other eventuality. Contact me, and let’s discuss your options. I can explain what’s involved in a merger or guide you through the process of evaluating your firm and preparing it for sale. The future will be here before you know it.


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