How to Hire Architecture & Interior Design Professionals

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Choosing a designer is a bit like choosing other professionals or vendors.

You always check on reputations, appropriate licensing, insurance, and other basic screening criteria.

However, one distinct difference is the type of service you get from a design professional. Your designer or architect is providing artistic products or services.

So here are a few decision points to address wen looking for the desired fit between the professional and client.

What Do You Want Done?

Define a scope of services.  Just because a firm wants to do all aspects of your project, doesn’t mean you should agree by default.

How Much to Spend?

Once you have laid out the work involved in your project, you want a general idea of your overall budget. This will help you set your sights on the caliber of the firm you hire.

What’s Your Style?

Next you need to see which firm has the aesthetics you seek. Many people feel that style is the most important deciding factor.  In fact it may be the least important.  Most firms maintain that they design according to their clients wishes and can do just about anything. My experience is that this is true.

What’s Your Timeframe?

You will need to factor in the size of the firm, scope of the project, and your budget.  These factors determine how soon your project can be scheduled and how fast it can be completed.

Getting Along With Your Professional

Personality plays a major part in the outcome of your project.  At the end of the day, business issues aside, this is an emotional process. Not all designers have the temperament to work well in every situation — and people need to like who they’re working with.

Your goal is to find the optimal relationship when you weigh these factors.  These are some of the major factors that impact how you find the right professional and the quality on the design that results from it.

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