Design talent matching service helps retailer expand into a new market

If you’re in the custom mattress business and you need just the right interior design to appeal to a new market, who can you call? Not every designer can create an experience to resonate with a demanding neighborhood market, and successfully promote such a unique product.

Fortunately, business owner Mel Trudell knew about Lloyd Princeton’s consultation services. Princeton quickly put Trudell in touch with a designer who was an optimal match for the retail space. The results? A fashionable, progressive design that brings the business brand and values to life. Even better, the designer’s staffing recommendations actively helped Trudell expand successfully into the Los Angeles market.

This story and Lloyd Princeton’s consulting services are the lead feature in The Council Report for January 2011. See the results and the story about Lloyd Princeton’s design consultation services here. And remember, friends don’t let friends flounder for professional guidance. Share your discovery of iMatchDesigners on Twitter or Facebook.


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