How to resolve indecision when hiring a designerEver feel like you have too many choices? A quick trip to the grocery store proves beyond a doubt that we live in an age of choice. On the shelves you find all manner foods, cleaning supplies, vitamins — you name it. Each does the same job, with a variety of options.

Frankly, I think we have too many choices! This feeds indecision, which leads to

  • too much time spent researching our options
  • anxiety over whether we have made the right choice
  • projects that stall soon after starting

Sometimes the level of indecision results in no choice at all.

I often see people become overwhelmed with choices when they approach the design industry. You have numerous firms and a lot of talent to choose from, especially in places where top design talent congregates, like New York and Los Angeles.

With that in mind, I want to talk about the protocol to follow when you interview anyone for any project. It can be summed up in one word: respect.

When you announce your opportunity and start the process of hiring a professional, you’re triggering a certain degree of excitement. You called; the people you’ve called are going to get busy focusing on your needs. At this point you are responsible for giving honest information about yourself and your project. The designers you approach need to determine what stage you’ve reached in your decision process, and if you’re a potential client for them.

If you cut through indecision before you begin the interview process, you will save everyone time, energy and resources. When you have clear ideas about what you are looking for, you give yourself the best chance to find the most fitting match for your project.

If you are clear and candid, and speak openly with the design professionals you are considering for the work you have in mind, everyone benefits.

To smooth your way to hiring the right designer:

  • Know what you want up front
  • Ask for it
  • Be clear about whether you are just gathering information or you are ready to start your project

Whether the interviewee is the designer you want to work with, or one you decide does not fit your project, this honest communication and respect helps everyone work well together and get what they need. Everyone deserves respect and honesty. If you want someone to be transparent with you, then offer the same to those you meet along the way.


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