Is Virtual Design for You?

Offering online-only design solutions started to take off as a business model during the economic downturn as a way of providing affordable design services to budget-conscious clients. Lately, the number of firms entering the market has grown as more and more consumers rely on their smart devices to search for any and all kinds of products and services. It is especially popular with younger firms seeking to attract millennials and other newly affluent clients who are ready to move beyond DIY but not willing or able to pay for full-service professional design.

Should you jump on the bandwagon? Done properly, virtual design can be a profitable sideline or niche business. A lot depends on whether you have the skills to make it manageable. First off, you need to be proficient in design, image rendering, photography, and file sharing software and apps so you can quickly and efficiently respond to client requests. You also need good email and online communications skills and be able to manage the flow of conversation effectively. In addition, you should be comfortable using social media platforms to market your services and solicit referrals from satisfied clients. A great looking website, Houzz profile, Facebook page, and online portfolio are a must. You may need to make some initial investment in top-quality photography and a mobile-friendly website to upgrade your online presence.

If virtual design sounds like a next step for you business, we at DMC can help get you started. We will work with you to formulate a brand, business plan, pricing, and a marketing strategy. Contact us to learn more about our full line of services.


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