Look for the Untapped Niche

Find a need and fill it is the old business maxim. The corollary to that maxim is not to drop your line in the pond where everyone else is fishing. These days there are lots of anglers, both professionals and non-professionals, trawling the same pool of potential interior design customers. Your best bet to reduce the competition is to look for a different pond.

Interior design clients are not all alike and are not all looking for the same thing. You can increase your business by focusing on a niche rather than promoting yourself as a generalist. I recently came across an article about a young designer who realized most residential designers pitch their services to couples. So she decided to focus her business on bachelors, who were underserved and have specific needs that couples do not. By talking with bachelors and taking on a few as clients, she learned not only what services to offer but how to market her services to appeal to them, promising a streamlined process with a high quality result. Her business is booming.

What worked for this young, enterprising designer can work for you, too. Make some inquiries and do some research to try to find out who in your area is being neglected or underserved. Consider what will appeal most to these individuals, not just what type of design, but the entire business experience. Inquire about their reasons for not hiring a designer and create a service that overcomes their objections. They will appreciate your responsiveness and consideration.

Need help identifying a niche that suits your talents and experience? Contact DMC. We can help you assess potential markets and develop a strategy to reach them.


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