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Business is picking up at A&D firms, and that is increasing the competition for good talent. While the industry staggered through a post-recession slump, it also underwent tremendous changes, including the downsizing of many firms and the loss of thousands of experienced and promising designers and other personnel to other industries. At the same time, projects have become more specialized, more technical, more demanding and more research-based. Finding the right person for your firm’s particular needs, or the right firm to take your career to the next level, can be a challenge.

At Design Management Company, we offer a range of recruitment and career management services to help you make the right match. Are you a firm principal looking for that “perfect someone” to complement the rest of your team, developing a human resource plan for future growth, or seeking an experienced business manager? We have the industry experience, management expertise and network to fulfill your requirements. Are you a designer seeking a firm that’s the right fit or wondering what your next career step should be? We can guide you through the process and provide direction to point you to the most promising prospects. Our areas of expertise include positions for sales, art management and business management as well, whether you’re looking to hire or be hired. We also specialize in advising clients looking to transition to foreign or new markets.

To find out more about Design Management Company recruiting services and fees, or how we can help with your specific career management needs, visit the Services page on our website. http://dmcnyc.com/services/


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