You Only Need One

I subscribe to Marcia Yudkin’s Marketing Minute newsletter, through which she drops a pearl of wisdom into my email inbox every week. A recent week being no different, she provided a quick thought that takes the concept of “quality over quantity” a step further, by stating, “You only need one.”

In her message, Marcia explained that the anxieties that confront us regarding a whole host of issues can be easily quelled, if, as opposed to focusing on having to secure a lot of a certain thing, we focus on getting just one. In the case of most interior designers, that would pertain to clients. Marcia’s advice lines up with the marketing guidance that I provide designers – make it personal.

In addition to websites, social media and other forms of advertising to get one’s name out there, it’s important to also concentrate on the personal approach to winning over prospective clients, by taking them on a tour of one of your recently completed project, or out for a few hours of shopping. In the short video clip below, from my recently produced video “Marketing Interior Design,” I explain why I believe these are among the two best ways to close a deal.


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