Negotiation Services

DMC Negotiation Services allow you to realize a higher value for your work that is fair both to the client and you, the designer. Knowing how to approach the designer/client relationship allows you more freedom and energy to focus on design.

DMC Negotiation Services Include:

  • A strategic review of the project
  • An assessment of pricing options
  • Communication with your client
  • Help editing your agreement (if needed)
  • Coaching on the best way to interview, present, and close your deal
  • We can work in the background or be front and center for the negotiation, handling all of the details until the contract is signed and check delivered

For a no-cost quote on negotiation services tailored to your situation, email Lloyd Princeton or call Lloyd at +1 (212) 777-5718 x6.

Why Choose DMC?

Lloyd Princeton has over 15 years of design industry experience and has been involved in over 150 transaction negotiations. He has worked with designers, architects, manufacturers as well as other trades people in putting the best deals together. He also lends insights on partnerships (formations and dissolutions), as well as new entity formations. Lloyd is a sought after Expert Witness in the industry as well and is often called on by attorneys and insurance companies to lend his critical insight into problem situations. When he is working for you, he will help you avoid problems in the first place!

Breadth of Services

The ability to provide the complete range of negotiation services worldwide. We provide negotiation preparation, coaching, management, training, team selection and research. We provide turnkey solutions for closing your deals!


Negotiation conditions can change rapidly. Our negotiation leadership has the ability, based on years of negotiation management, to recognize potential problems, take advantage of opportunities and change strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the negotiation process.

Jamie Drake
“Working with Lloyd has been an invaluable asset to me and my firm. His sharp take and succinct suggestions are always right on the money.”


We understand that negotiations involve sensitive information. Confidentiality is one of our prime concerns. We do everything possible to insure the confidentiality of everything included in the negotiation process and to safeguard any material related to the outcome. We do our best to keep the names of our negotiation clients confidential so as not to jeopardize any aspect of their future negotiation strategies and formulas.

FInd out how  DMC Negotiation Services enable you to see and take advantage of more business opportunities immediately:  email Lloyd Princeton or call Lloyd at +1 (212) 777-5718 x6.