No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

I just LOVE this message and am sharing it unedited because it gets the point across beautifully!


One of my favorite sayings is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

I continue to find myself absolutely intrigued by the “scarcity” mentality so prevalent in my recent conversations regarding people’s outlook for 2009.A few weeks ago – I was the opening speaker at a conference and I was asked to “frame” 2009 in a positive light. Immediately following my remarks – one of my clients (Heather) presented. She told an amazing story that I feel compelled to share….Heather told the audience about how she grew up sailing with her father. He would insist that they consistently sail – rain or shine. Upon leaving home and going off to college, she stopped the sport. Then….several years ago, Heather picked sailing back up and started to compete. One Saturday morning – she woke up to a rainstorm and was initially disappointed because it was a race day. Then…she remembered her father’s commitment to sail rain or shine and decided to make the trip to the race. When she arrived – she realized that the only other racers to “show up” were the most committed and highest performing teams. Two big insights emerged for Heather: 1.    because she would only be racing against “the best” – she would be challenged and stretched in new ways. The competitive dynamic would not be diluted down with less serious racers.2.    Because there were fewer racers – she had a higher chance of winning. Well…..Heather won the race that rainy Saturday afternoon. The moral of the story is clear.2009 is a rainy year. Are you going to “stay home” and wait until a sunny day to compete? Or are you going to go into the marketplace and compete against the best and increase your chances of winning?

Brett Hatton
Four Hands
Founder and CEO


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