Master’s Class (3 DVDs)


Running time approx. 2h 27min 



Design Business Training Masters Class by Lloyd PrincetonSave $15 or more by purchasing Lloyd’s entire Master’s Class series featuring three of his signature presentations: “Marketing Interior Design,” “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It!” and “Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For.” Through his Master’s Class, Lloyd will teach you how to:

  • Target and market to your ideal prospective clients through enhanced messaging and brand identity
  • Improve your skills when interviewing, and being interviewed by potential clients, and increase the attractiveness of your bids
  • Adapt and apply various types of pricing and design fee options to your projects, including hourly, cost plus, percentages and fixed fees
  • Strategize for the best ways to adapt your design practice to succeed in a marketplace flooded with “do-it-yourself” messages and images
  • Position your brand, package your services and optimize your pricing


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