Put the “U” Back in Designer

Okay, I know “designer” doesn’t have a “u” in it. But it should. Because the interior design business is all about relationships – I the designer and you the client. As much as the Internet and social media have helped designers to gain more exposure, most designers still get most of their new clients through referrals and networking. It just makes sense. The client is taking a risk putting their home and money into the hands of a relative stranger. The more opportunity they have to get to know you, as well as your work, the greater confidence they will have in hiring you.

Some the busiest designers I know spend a good deal of time meeting people and cultivating relationships. They keep in touch with past clients and follow up with prospective clients, offering help and advice. They are not just promoting their brand. They are providing a service and building trust at the same time.

To sell more design services you need more prospects. Perhaps only one or two prospects out of ten will actually hire you, so you need to multiply the number of “U”s (i.e., prospects) by the number of new clients you want to engage. How many new prospects do you currently meet each month? Is it enough to increase your chances of gaining new business as frequently as you want? A survey of designers found that high earning designers speak to nearly double the number of prospects each month than the average designer. They understand that they have to build relationships to earn new business.

Spring is not far off, and people are going to start making plans to refresh and renovate their homes. Now is the time to start developing those prospects and getting in touch with previous clients, so when they need advice and professional services, they know who to call.


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