Resolve Your Business Problems Quickly, Painlessly

Running your own business has many rewards. It also involves some risk, especially if, as is the case with many design firms, you and/or your brand are your business. When clients have a problem or are unhappy with the way a project is going, they are going to focus their discontent on you, with laser-like precision. Or, a disgruntled employee may disrupt your business or endanger your reputation.

Even if you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and your firm, which I am assuming you already have (if you are not sure, please read my previous blog on this important topic), you can still find yourself faced with a client who refuses to pay, an employee who threatens to file a complaint, or, worse, a law suit, even criminal activity.

When trouble strikes, your first inclination may be to call your lawyer. But take it from me, most situations can be resolved more quickly and with less stress and bother without involving an attorney. Over the years I have helped many clients with their business problems. I know the ins and outs of the design business and where designers are most vulnerable. I have seen the same problems occur over and over again, and have learned the best ways to handle them. And, I have an extensive network of professional resources to call upon to advise on any type of situation.

I truly hope your business runs smoothly and all your clients are satisfied and appreciative of the work you do. If, however, you do run into a difficult situation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let me resolve it for you, quickly and efficiently, so you can attend to other, more important, matters.


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