Up Your Sales by Connecting with Your Client’s Emotions

“I just love it!” is a common expression that reveals a lot about the psychology of selling. Something about a product or offering sparks an emotional reaction in us that influences our buying decision. By connecting with that emotion you can tell which products or services a client is likely to buy and provide them with the information they need to feel assured they are making the right purchase.

We like to think we are conscientious when making a purchase, weighing the pros and cons to arrive at a sound decision. Once we settle on our choice, we feel a sense of satisfaction. In fact, the process is just the reverse. Our initial reaction is an emotional, even unconscious, one. Having felt an emotional connection with the product or offering, we then find reasons to justify our decision.

When proposing products or services to a client do not overwhelm them at first with a lot of features or details. Watch first for that emotional connection. It may be a simple remark, such as “I like that” or “Can you show me that one again?” If they appear to be leaning toward a particular choice, ask them what they like about it to get a sense of how they are connecting to it emotionally. It could be a link to a previous positive association, something that affirms their image of themselves, or something that speaks to how they would like themselves or their life to be.

Armed with that insight, you can then point out to them the features and benefits that relate to their emotional connection with the product or service, reinforcing the reasons why their choice is good one. The more features and benefits you can supply, the stronger will be the emotional attraction. At the same time, you are providing the logical support for their emotional decision.

Only when the value of the features and benefits exceeds the price of the product or service is the sale possible. At that point, however, the product or service will sell itself.


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