Savvy Sales Managers Wanted

Whether you’re an interior design firm looking to grow your clientele, or a manufacturer or showroom wanting to increase your business with interior designers, you want a sales manager who understands today’s rapidly changing interior design industry. Clients are raising the bar on demands and expectations. New standards for sustainability and wellness have added another layer of accountability to projects and product specification. And competition both from within and outside the industry, not to mention globally, has escalated with the recent resurgence in activity.

More than ever, today’s sales managers have an important role to play in the firm’s leadership team. They are both ambassadors of the business’ brand and invaluable advisors on customer development and marketplace trends. As the link between your company and the client or customer, they must be familiar with the basics of interior design practice, contracting and specifying, project management, new product lines, and emerging industry trends.

Keep in mind that what makes a good salesperson does not necessarily make for a good sales manager. Sales knowledge and proven experience are essential, of course. However, many successful sales people prefer to work alone. A successful sales manager must also have team and management skills, work well with the company’s leadership, and have good communication and people skills.

If you’re hiring a sales manager for your company, or you are a salesperson looking for the right opportunity to move into sales management, talk to us. Our personalized recruiting services provide a thorough analysis of your business or career requirements, and then we select only the best candidates or positions to match your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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