Spring into Action

It seemed like winter would never end. But spring is here at last, and you know what that means – new business! The latest industry reports show activity fell off during January and February, due in large part to the harsh winter. With the economy and employment continuing to improve, the potential for pent-up demand is great. Once consumers have finished thawing out and clearing away the vestiges of the last snowfall, they will be ready to start those home improvement projects they’ve been thinking about all winter. Will you be ready for them?

Now is the time to do a bit of spring-cleaning of your own. Put your business in order before clients come looking for you. I recommend you do the following:

  • Review your website and any social media channels you use, including Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. Make sure the information about your firm is up-to-date and that any images or projects on display have a spring look to them.
  • Reach out to your contact lists, trade, industry and real estate contacts as well as clients. Remind them you’re available and how they can get in touch with you.
  • Review your contract documents or letter of agreement and pricing information. Adjust and update if necessary.
  • Refresh your marketing materials. Make sure the information, graphics and any photos are current and reflect what’s in fashion. If you blog, tweet or write for a local publication, now is the time to show off your knowledge of the latest trends and products.

This is also tax time. If you’re not happy with your revenues from last year, you may be thinking about increasing your fees or changing your fee structure. I can help you determine what’s right for your business and your clientele. Join me for my upcoming presentation, “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It,” on April 16 at the Interior Design Society in New York City. Or contact me, and let’s talk about how to set the right pricing for your interior design business.


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