Stand and Deliver: What Designers Really Want

Pick up any high-end interior design magazine and what do you see? Product. Lots and lots of product – in the featured projects, in the ads, in the news on what’s trending. If you’re a company or rep with a great product, you’re probably thinking design is all about the eye candy. But you’d be wrong. And if that’s how you’re pitching your product, you’re likely to come away empty handed.

Yes, designers are always on the lookout for new products, but not in the way that a socialite keeps her eye on the latest runway fashions. For designers products serve two purposes: They are the stuff through which they bring their designs to life, and they help solve design problems. A good-looking product that doesn’t solve the design problem is not useful, and a functional product that doesn’t have the right look isn’t appealing. The product has to be the right product for the project they are working on.

What’s more, a great product is no help to the designer if it can’t be delivered on time, is difficult to order, is not well supported or arrives damaged or defective. Designers continue to do business with companies or reps that prove to be reliable and responsive, that deliver what and when they promise, and that stand behind what they sell. A great product is a good start, but a great reputation is even better.

Want to know more about how to grow your business with designers? Join me for my upcoming presentation, “Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For,” Friday, November 7, 2014, at the Cosentino Cincinnati Center. To register, visit the ASID Ohio South/Kentucky Chapter website.


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