Sustainable Redesign and Remodeling

Modern bedroom

This modern bedroom features reclaimed wood and open views to the natural landscape.

Sustainability and green living have become hot topics in recent years.

Designers and consumers have more options to choose products made with sustainable resources, and to remove existing materials for re-use.

In spite of having more sustainable options, the concerns about the environment aren’t painful enough to fuel a strong mandate from the consumer.

Earth-Wise Ways to Remodel

However, even if most people don’t feel a pressing need to go green with the next project, there are some earth friendly alternatives that are easy to do but are often overlooked.

If furniture is high quality, consider refinishing an existing piece instead of replacing it.  Recovering furniture in new fabrics achieves an entirely new look.   Instead of demolishing durable components such as ceramic items or cabinetry, these can be removed and refurbished and often resold.

Once we’re out of a resource, it’s gone.  Saving money and saving the planet is a win-win scenario!

This is article also appeared in IMatchDesigners:  Sustainable Redesign and Remodeling



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