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6 Ideas for Redesigning a Bedroom for Your Teenager, with Results you Both Love


Teenage girl's bedroom

Teenage girls' bedroom reflects her taste for traditional style, with comfy guest space for sleepovers.

Why redesign a bedroom for your teenager?  If your child has outgrown the old colors, cartoons or murals, it’s time for a change.  Involve your child in the redesign process and allow your teen to express his or her creativity.  Working together, you both will discover the young adult your child is becoming. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.  Brainstorm Ideas Together

Discuss your child’s dreams for the bedroom.  When listening to your child describe an ideal bedroom, you will probably hear more about what your child does NOT want, rather than what he or she does want.  Allow your child the freedom to design his or her own personal retreat.  This teenage dream bedroom should reflect your teen’s style, not yours.  Teens spend an extraordinary amount of time in their bedroom, so it’s important for a teenager to have the bedroom that expresses his or her own choices.

2.  Select Color

A great way for your teen to manage the space is to hand over control of the color palette. Suggest your teen use his or her favorite color on the walls or as an accent color.  When you work with a professional designer, even an uncommon color choice can enhance the space and complement your family’s style.  Always remember that the color can be repainted later as your style and your child’s tastes change over time.

3. Select The Furniture

Organization, functionality and storage are the main elements to consider when choosing furniture.  Consider a desk with mega amounts of storage, and beautiful tall bookcases for movies, books, trophies, mementoes, photos with friends and other personal treasures.

4. Choose Bedding

Bedding provides a splash of color and will accentuate the ambience of a fashionable teen’s bedroom.  No matter how outlandish the style, allow your child to choose the bedding.  Bedding has a relatively short shelf life and is easily replaced.

5. Adorn The Walls

Posters, rather than artwork, have long been a staple in a teenager’s bedroom and are generally a teen’s choice for wall art.  For a more polished look, have the posters framed.  You can change out the posters over time, preventing an overwhelming number of objects on the wall.

6. Choose Accessories

Let your child choose the lighting in the room.  Lighting is another way to add bold splashes of color.  A fun choice for a girl’s room is a chandelier with colorful beading draped around it or funky task lighting for bed stands and desk.  Don’t forget a full length mirror.  Choose one that attaches to the door or a beautiful, wood, free-standing floor mirror.  Your teen will probably have no problem filling the room with accessories.

When your project is complete, you will have learned a great deal about your teen.  And you will have given your child the opportunity to discover more about him- or herself, and  how to collaborate on a creative project.  You may even help instill a sense of pride and a new motive to keep things orderly (we can dream too can’t we?).

When you work with the right designer, you have the benefit of a skilled third party to help you and your child see what is important, and avoid power struggles that can interfere with your goal to help your young adult grow. Your designer brings creative solutions to your design challenge, so you and your teen emerge ready to enjoy your new space for years to come.

Find inspiring design ideas at imatchdesigners.com and browse our special youth and teen photo collection here.  Then contact us to find a designer with a personality to work successfully with both you and your teen.